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Triathlon Coaching Services

Looking to take your Triathlon journey to the next level?  Look no further than our four individual triathlon coaching services offered in the UK.  With options from Training Review Consultations, Ironman Training Plans, and Online Triathlon Coaching for everyone from beginners to elites – you’ll be sure to find the best option for your specific long distance triathlon goals.

We offer different levels of coaching input to suit every athlete.  See the options below, or contact us to discuss your personal requirements.

Services Main

Coaching Options

Review and Consultation Service

2 hrs - £70

If you are looking at starting long distance triathlon or you would like some additional advice on training, nutrition, scheduling or any other area then this 2hr session will look to go through things in more detail and get you on the right path.


The review and consultation session will be conducted virtually via Zoom or if you are within Devon then face to face is available.


Get Up & Grow

£90 pcm

Aimed at those starting out in long distance triathlon or for those who have dipped their toe in and are now looking to develop their skills. This services offers guidance and planning at an affordable price and includes the following aspects:

  • Biweekly training plan adapted to your training level, time and goals

  • Strength and conditioning sessions

  • General information for nutrition, race planning

  • Biweekly coaching calls as required and email based Q&A between

R4-3 Triathlon Coaching South West

1-1 Coaching Service

from £120 pcm

This is a bespoke package for athletes looking to start in triathlon or to develop and  grow their current skills, or who have demanding work and life schedules but would like to train productively for  triathlon.  This is your opportunity to be coached on a direct 1-1 basis and obtain a complete coaching package.


Your personal program will provide a custom training plan, built from scratch, and developed with you to fit around your schedule and requirements. This package will include weekly training plan, customised to your requirements with unlimited modifications and interaction via chosen communication methods. Individual assistance around race planning, fuelling, nutritional advice, triathlon-based strength and conditioning and all other aspects of performance. Also included is a premium subscription to Training Peaks to enable daily feedback and tracking on sessions.


(Full details are agreed in initial pre-coaching discussion).

R4-3 Triathlon Coaching South West


from £50 pcm

Do you want to gain more from either swimming, cycling or running but are not a triathlete? Then why not speak to us about what we can offer in regards to coaching in any of the individual disciplines. Whether you are just looking to get fit or are a seasoned swimmer, cyclist or runner looking to move up a level then we are happy to discuss how we could work with you to develop your requirements. With individual coaching starting at as little as £50 per month R4-3 can help. (Marathon/Ultra run coaching is also covered within this package, enquire to discuss requirements and prices).

R4-3 Triathlon Coaching South West
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